About Transwealth

H O W    W E   S T A R T E D

Guevent Transport Holdings Corporation is the mother company of Transwealth Fleet Management Corporation and Fleet Parking System. GTHC has over 60 years of transport management experience with business investments in Transportation, Finance and Insurance, Technology and Communication, Real Estate, Gaming and others.

Transwealth started its operations in the Philippines in March 22, 2013. The focus is full-service land transportation solutions that enables its clients to maintain, manage and grow its automotive fleet and up-to-date management systems and expertise. As of today, Transwealth has several contracts servicing the newest casinos and resorts in the country. It has operated in several segments of the transportation industry, including fleet management, parking and valet services, employee and airport shuttles.

Guevent Transport Holdings Corporation belongs to the Guevent Investments Development Corporation that has varied business interests including finance, industrial and agricultural development, real estate, insurance, trading and transport services.

T R A N S W E A L T H    O N    F L E E T

Transwealth currently manages all its client’s luxury vehicles, limousines, buses and service vehicles. It has managed 5,000 parking slots and 7,000 average monthly limousine transactions. Transwealth also provides for airport transfers and employee shuttle services. Due to nature of casinos being open all day, Transwealth is also fully operational 24 hours a day capable of handling any requirement on demand.

T R A N S W E A L T H    O N    P E O P L E

The pillar of Transwealth is its well-trained workforce that has propelled Avis Philippines to become the gold standard in the car rental industry. Transwealth has 700 well-trained personnel resulting to 57,000 average monthly valet transactions.  Like Avis Philippines, the workforce of Transwealth live and breathe its mission of consistently giving its clients 100% customer satisfaction through complete, safe, efficient and reliable transport services that reflect world-class standards and excellence.